Welcome to Cheeky Scents. I started this business as a hobby selling on local markets with just a couple of scents Ideveloped. I decided to go for a high quality product so all of my source materials are all high end. The oils I use are environmentally sourced which give a longer lasting scent than most other candles. I also use wooden wicks as opposed to the normal standard candle wicks. The wicks are completely natural and do not have zinc or other undesirable burning compounds in them. Apart from being better for the environment they have a unique crackling sound as they burn. You have to hear it to believe it! Think of it like being around a camp fire, it’s a very comforting sound. As an added bonus you can also recycle the tins that hold the candles as a planter for small plants etc. No waste!


All of this leads to a much better product that burns slowly and evenly throughout and there is no pooling and again no waste. This makes them very economical and longer lasting than traditional candles.

So I started selling the candles at the local markets and had such an amazing response I wanted to see if I could sell to a wider audience. At this point I needed to develop more scents so I needed to get busy on those. My daughter Rhianna saw what I was doing and had some good ideas about additional scents and names for them so she joined me on this journey. She is my unpaid labourer helping me to make our products from our home studio. When we had made enough candles we needed an online presence so we asked our good friends Joel and Jason who have great IT skills to help us out. So we have this website thanks to them and they loved the products so much they have joined us in this endeavour. We all make everything together and the end product is here for you to enjoy.

I feel very grateful to be working with people so close to me to take the business forward. I am very proud of the end product and I know you will love it to.