About us 


Welcome to the home of Chandlers. Our promise is to provide top quality, handmade, environmentally friendly candles with gorgeous unique scents based in bath. 


Founded in 2018, by Raquel, Joel and Jason


Our Candle are made from natural soy wax, with a wooden wick and we use only the best quality scented oils. As a result our candles hold and wax burns evenly and smoothly. The wooden wick (FCS approved) burns without releasing toxic compounds and burns slowly so the candle lasts for for a long time.



A lovely side effect of the wooden wick is the crackling sound, reminiscent of a warm and cosy campfire, a fabulous comforting sound.

Our packaging is made from recycled  products and is of course itself recyclable. Our tins can be reused too. Our favourite use at the moment is as a planter for mini cacti.


When burned, the soy wax in the candles neutralises pollutants in the air of your home, eliminates odours in the air. 


Chandlers was started 3 years ago by Raquel with help of her daughter Rhianna. It started as a hobby to give them something fun to do together. Initially they had just 2 scents and sold them to local craft fairs. Due to demand they increased the number of scents to the current 30. They very soon realised that they needed a first class website and were delighted to be able to team up with Joel and Jason to provide a fabulous online presence.



We believe in minimising the environmental impact of the business 


Burning our candles can aid in stress relief with meditation. The neutral scent of soy wax will allow the scents we add to be calm without being overwhelming. 


We thank you for shopping with us